Farming Simulator 21 Modding – What’s New or Changed?

Farming Simulator 21 Modding – What’s New or Changed?

The latest installment of Farming Simulator 21 is about to be released  – the date is set to the 20th November. A number of specifications and upgrades have been made public even before that, so the fans are getting thrilled. We are very much looking forward to learning more about the new exciting features of FS 21 mods.

We have been luck lately, because Farming Simulator 2021 Mod was a popular topic in FarmCon and some new facts have been made public. Two presentations were particularly important:

  • Lecture on FS 2021 mod texturing
  • Workshop on topics like the upcoming features, changes and engine modeling

However, there is more important information to be learned, and the Giants will most likely make and put on sale recordings containing the material of these presentations.

At the moment, we have the possibility to learn a little bit from the screenshots and tidbits that have been made public, which is certainly better than nothing. You can check out the description below, just bear in mind that this is by no means official information.

Updated Farming Simulator 21 Mods

Texture System

The usual and familiar way of texturizing is no longer up-to-date. Giants is going to present a new technique – Physically Based Rendering (PBR). You can clearly spot the difference in the image above, where you can see a Fendt Ideal combine. It becomes immediately apparent that the metallic texture is better visible on darker spots. This is precisely because of PBR, which allows a superior quality or better looking FS 21 mods graphics at the very least.

It works in the following way:

  • For instance, you direct the flashlight to the surface of rubber
  • Next thing, you direct it to some metallic surface
  • No need to say that thanks to this, the reflection changes noticeably

Basically, this is how PBR improves the game’s visuals. If you would like to try to make your own Farming Simulator 2021 Mod, this is definitely something to keep in mind.

The key advantage that PBR will provide you with will be the fact that you will be able to skip adding extra textures or materials – the model will look very good anyway and you will improve its efficiency.

Let us examine the chainsaw as an example. In reality, this type of saws are made from metal, plastic and , most likely, rubberThanks to PBR you will have the possibility to make an FS 21 mod with nothing more but one set of both material and texture.

We must admit that right now, we don’t have any confirmed news concerning this update, which means we have to wait patiently, till we can learn more about PBR in Giants Engine.

Texturing Globally on Tools and Vehicles in Farming Simulator 21

The concise video from FarmCon 18 made by Virtual Farmer is the principal information source that provides us with a few insights regarding the way the texture system works.

Below we offer you individual interpretations (share your opinion with us and tell us if you don’t agree or would like to add your own insights):

  • There is going to be one world-wide database for eight predefined textures with metallic, plastic and leather materials. It is believed that these textures will include at least such maps as albedo, roughness, metalness, and gloss.
  • It’s likely there will be a functionality allowing to select textures from this global database depending on the color map. Virtual farmer believes this color map will be placed in location 0-0. Does this mean 0|0?
  • Then you have the possibility to have a predefined color that corresponds to the brand in Giants Engine or XML file. If we believe VF, there will be no any kind of diffusing the maps any longer.

If this is a realistic guess concerning the next modeling of Farming Simulator 2021 Mod, it means a remarkable milestone to all of us. We will be able to relax more while playing, because we will need to take into consideration fewer items.

By the way, not only model are going to find this upgrade useful. Thanks to this technique, the newly-made FS mods will be significantly lighter on Vram and with a higher-quality or more detailed surface. And we just have to wait till we can have a look at the new polycount recommendations!

Of course, these are predictions that may not necessarily come true. But they do come true, creating Farming Simulator 21 Mod is going to be more fun than ever before!

Renaming Nodes in Farming Simulator 21?

All those who are even a little involved in modeling, have probably come across nodes, such as 0>0|0. If you are not familiar with them, let us briefly explain what we mean. ,These codes appear in XML and describe certain parts of a model or a map. Their function is to tell the game engine which factions need to be performed, for example, they give instruction to lower a mower.

The latest piece of news is that these numeric nodes appear to be named differently. In FarmCon screenshots we see that nodes are now called “gasPedal” or something like that. You will not see 0>0|1 anymore.

Once again, this is not a certain fact, we cannot be a hundred percent certain whether this is a global update that applies to all FS 21 mods. However, we certainly would welcome this upgrade, so we hope it will be implemented. The fact that LS Modcompany forum confirms that we can expect be changes related to nodes gives us even more hope.

Function fillVolume in Farming Simulator 21

fillVolume may be troublesome at times. If you do not know what it is, let us explain: fillVolume is in charge for controlling how a certain object, for instance, a trailer, gets filled.

An issue occurs appears in cases when you have to set it correctly, because generally you have no choice but to perform a great number of tests until you get the right result. Well, the good news is that there may be an update for Farming Simulator 2021 Mod making. We hear some predictions saying that players will have a possibility to try out their very first fillVolume in Giants Engine.Needless to say, we would be thrilled with this update!

Removal of Coronas in Farming Simulator 21

The function of coronas in the earlier FS versions was to make lights of the vehicle shine. But from now on this feature will no longer be found in FS 21 mods. Instead of that, the shine will be generated by the game’s engine. and one more extra option related to lights will be added – in the latest version players will have self-illuminating shapes. This will undoubtedly be beneficial in making various unseen forms.

Expansion of Lights Database in Farming Simulator 21

We all know that certain resources, e.g., tires are shared among players who make mods for FS17. This is why a mod maker has a possibility to make use of the already-existing tire if it happens so that there is no need to make a new one. It is enough to simply make an inquiry for an already-present modelled set of tires that can be found in the Giants database.

We are glad to inform you that this useful feature will remain in Farming Simulator 2021. Even better – we hear rumors that it will get upgraded, and it will therefore become easier not to stay behind the optimization standards. We hope very much that this will turn out to be the case!

On the other hand, there is a downside of this. It may happen so that mod creators lose their skills as the use of the templates will become a lot more simple. However, the truth is that it’s very common to use an already existing part of the model previously created by someone. Well, perhaps this is simply a globalized version of something that is already here!

Update on Hoses, Lights and Animations in Farming Simulator 21

we hear good news that the upcoming game will also have hoses in it. This means hydraulic hoses as well as hoses that link seed tanks and seeders (they are connected automatically). This means that it will become even more simple to make a FS 21 mod thank before.

FS players already know what it means to navigate in the dark. In FS21 game they will no longer need to do that, because they will have the possibility to use illuminated dashboards with cabin controls. another good thing is that there will be lightning installed inside the cabin as well – most likely right from Giants database.

This means a lot more space for interaction in FS 2021 mods in the case of the inside of the cabins since they are predicted to have animation with some even included in the base of the game. There will be no need to use external scripts or XML!

How to Create Farming Simulator 21 Mod?

Players very often start by dismantling one of Giants mods. This is not a bad method, however, none of Farming Simulator 2021 mods have been released so far. TMod maker can only hope that strategy identical to the one used in FS17 release will be implemented. In the earlier version Giants editor was released alongside a mod sample in advance of the actual game release date. On the other hand, the approved technique of analyzing the game is to study the models that are included in the game.

Improvements in Modeling Maps on Farming Simulator 21

We bet if you have tried modeling a map you have been deterred by strict limitations for patch texture, which is inevitable due to the need to mo maintain the right level of performance:

  • It was a usual practice to separate FS maps into patches.
  • It was possible to use as few as up to 4 textures for one patch.
  • It is permitted to use grass, gravel, mud and mountain rock.
  • on the other hand, you have no possibility to add one more texture.

Good to know that these limitations is not something FS 21 mod makers will have to deal with! And this is something we can be sure of, according to Giants. We will have the coolest maps ever!

Foliage Layer on Farming Simulator 21

You need these layers to have crops and plants to the map. Normally foliage Layer was included in the I3D document. This no longer be the case because, according to LS Modcompany, these FS 2021 mods layers will be included in a separate XML file. No doubt, fans would love this to be the case. It would help to save a lot of mod creators’ time and effort!

Improved Sound Effects on Farming Simulator 21

Mod makers will have a much wider range and better control of sound effects in Giants Editor. This applies most of all to map modelers, so check out the improvements:

  • to begin with, you will have the possibility to decide when exactly the sound should be played
  • You will also have a possibility to play a particular sound exclusively at night
  • The same is applicable to the changing weather conditions
  • And finally – modders will have a much larger selection of sounds to select from.

What about Exporter of Farming Simulator 21 mods?

Modders who are fond of Blender have been waiting eagerly for an update. according to Giants we will get a totally new exporter. This is a great piece of news!

  • The familiar version of Blender is well-known and appreciated by many modders
  • The latest version Blender 2.8 come out in October

Reaction of Changes in Farming Simulator 21

although a number of great updates are supposed to facilitate the creation of Farming Simulator 2021 mods, there are modders who seem sceptical about it. We hear certain complaints in the community that because of the latest version and updates on existing features they will basically have to learn how to create mods from scratch. This may turn out to be an obstacle because some things will need to be studies from the very basics. but we cannot argue with the fact that the changes were needed and inevitable, so let us stay positive.



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