Farming Simulator 21: Where to sell Bales?

Farming Simulator 21: Where to sell Bales?

Bales are an important part of Farming Simulator 21 game. If your goal is to do well in this game, you should make efforts to learn quite a lot of things about the bales. For instance, you absolutely have to know where to sell them in farming simulator 21. This is why we think it is a good idea for us to share with you some important details.

First, we are going to tell you about the location, where you can see bales. If you check out the southern margin of the map, you will spot the Heating Plant. The building that you need can be found in the corner near the entrance, and this is where you go if you want to sell your bales.

There is more to know, of course. If you want to know more details regarding the selling of bales in  farming simulator 21, take a good look at this:

Now you have learned the place in Farming Simulator 21 that you go to when you need to sell bales.

Farming Simulator 21 mods

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