How to install Farming Simulator 21 mods?

How to install Farming Simulator 21 Mods on PC

A mod file you will download will be one of the following three file types.

  1. EXE – they are by far the easiest to install. When you‘ve finished downloading, simply double click on the file and when it runs it will be installed automatically, you do not have to do anything. Then just run the game and see how it works.
  2. RAR – compressed files which may contain any files compressed so that thay can be downloaded faster. When you are done with the download, you will have to extract the files from the rar file. Normally what you get are exe files or zip files. RAR files can be used for the map downloads as well, in most cases you will need extract them to your data folder.
  3. ZIP – this is another type of compressed files. See what sort of files are inside. If the files are zip or exe files, it means you will have to extract them (and run exe files). When a zip file contains the mod you need, you have to copy the zip file needs and paste it into the mods folder of the game.

           XP/Windows 10: User\My Games\FarmingSimulator21\Mods
           Vista: Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2021\Mods

Please remember that in the German version the folder names are slightly different.

Windows 10 and later will open zip files, however, in the case of rar files, Winrar or a similar program is neccessary. These programs can open zip files as well.

How can I install a FS21 Mod (zip file) in Mac OS X?

Just copy the zip file into the folder shown below (you do not need to unpack the ZIP file):

/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2021/mods

The mod folder of the App Store version (Farming Simulator21) can be found here:
~/Library/Containers/com.focus-home.farmingsim2021/Data/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2021/mods

Why do I need to install Farming Simulator 21 mods?

Whatever your profession is in real life, in Farming Simulator 21 you are a real farmer. Like every good farmer you must want to have all the best equipment to keep his/her farm in the best possible condition, produce goods to make profit and become the leading farmer in the region. You can accomplish all of that, all you need to do is implement FS 21 modifications in the game, this will not only make the game better in many ways, but also will give you more abilities and open a lot of exciting options.

Install Farming Simulator 2021 mods and get a totally different experience of the game that you think you know very well, we can guarantee you will be positively surprised by the free-of-charge upgrade. Our clear and easily understandable step-by-step LS 21 mods installation guide is designed in oder to help you add the FS 2021 modifications easily and with no fuss. And than you can focus on the game strategy instead of wasting your time looking for instructions and getting frustrated that something doesn‘t work they way should.
Landwirtschafts Simulator 2021 mods are completely free of charge and quick and simple to install. You can download FS21 mods as many of them as you like, and then just follow our implementation instructions. It will only take a few minutes to upgrade your game and you will be impressed with the difference it makes. FS 21 mods are incredibly useful and every farmer will appreciate them. They will open new possibilities for you that you could not even imagine before. You will only need a few moments to install the mods for Farming Simulator 2021 and you will not regret it. This is your chance to be the most awesome farmer on earth! Go ahead and downloand  FS 21 mods right right now!

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