How to sell Wood Chips in Farming Simulator 21?

How to sell Wood Chips in Farming Simulator 21?

As you probably know, in farming simulator 21, you can perform many different actions, for instance, purchase seeds or a tank in order to be able to transport water. Moreover, you can sell wood chips. And what if you do not know how to do it exactly? Well, in this article we would like to explain to you how to sell wood chips when playing farming Simulator 21.

Of course, you know players have the possibility to earn money when they sell trees. And there are various ways of selling them: in parts of various length; wood chips; firewood or entire uncut trees.

In the game you are allowed to cut down any tree that grows in your field or land. In fact, this can be quite large a number of trees. However, not every tree is equally good. For instance, in Ravenport you may come across many trees that are not suitable for harvesting in an automated way due to their irregular shape. What are your options when it comes to such trees? This is what you can do:

  1. Option No. 1 – cut the trees into smaller pieces and use the crane to load them;
  2. Option No. 2 – chop the trees into firewood and load onto any trailer by hand;
  3. Option No. 3 – make use of any wood chip machine to get a lot of wood chips;
  4. Option No. 4 – cut down the tree you want; remove the biggest branches and use a tractor to move the tree.

“Straight” trees.

Well, straight trees are every farmers dream – they are so convenient to work with , basically, they are as good as trees can be, so you really do not need to do anything much – there is no need to cut them into parts. On the contrary – selling them in long pieces will bring you more profit, so make the most of this opportunity and don’t spoil what is already good.

Moreover, keep in mind another option – you can, in fact, sell whole unchopped trees. It’s completely up to you to decide whether you want to sell whole trees or cut them into long pieces of wood. Actually, often it happens so that people don‘t know what to decide. Well, if this is the case with you and you’re feeling a bit lost, begin by checking out your equipment –  you will see what tools you can work with and it will help you to make up your mind. Let us discuss what kind of equipment you may need for trees.

One of the machines you will find useful is a loader-trailer Stepa FHL 13 AK. One of the best things about it is that it’s really cheap, this is why it makes sense to use this piece of equipment at the start of the game, when you don’t have a lot of funds yet. With the help of this machine, players can cut trees into small pieces. Then it is easy to load them onto the trailer and bring them to the shop. Just keep in mind that the recommended bale size is 4 meters.

Alternatively, you may choose to use Fliegl Timber Runner. This would be a very good option for tall trees, since in this case the recommended bale size is 8 meters.

For loading trees onto the trailers, you can choose from various loaders, for instance, skid steer loaders, a tractor or even telehandlers. However, be aware of the fact that, uncut trees may be a bit too much for a light vehicle.

Now let‘s discuss the Harvester. This tool can be used for cutting trees into pieces of various sizes. However, this type of machines comes at various costs – it can be cheap or rather pricey. And if you believe that price does not make much difference, you are wrong. Let us take a closer look at the differences price makes.  The expensive piece would be Komatsu/Ponsse, in this case, the recommended bale size 8 meters. The economy option would be Sampo Rosenlew and the recommended bale size is 6 meters. Now it is obvious that there is a difference – if you choose a more expensive machine, it will certainly help you save some time.

Also, we need to discuss one more important piece of equipment. We are talking about MAN TGX. We suggest you choose bale size of 6 meters.

  1. Remember yet another important thing: all trees (both whole trees or cut into pieces), should have no branches on them.

By the way, do not think that all equipment must be costly. If you work with small trees,  or with trees growing out there in fields, you less expensive equipment will be fine too. In such case DFM CFB-16 could be a sensible option.

Trees, both whole or chopped into smaller pieces) are make large and heavy cargo. This is why when you move them, you have to make sure you use belts to guarantee that your cargo will remain stable and will not be lost or damaged.

Getting rid of trunks

You have one more option if you wish to dispose of the trunks of the trees that you have cut down. We are talking about FSI ST 65 T. You will see this piece of machinery in Forestry Machines tab.

Wood chips

Wood chips may be a very good choice, because they bring plenty of benefits. For instance, you can use any trees, larger or smaller, to make them. What is more, you can make wood chips from branches of trees.
In order to make wood chips, you will need to purchase a special machine. Let us look at the options and decide which one would be the best machine for you.

  1. JENZ BA 725 – This is a good option when you smaller pieces of wood and average bales.
  2. JENZ HEM 583 Z – This machine is powered by tractor and is suitable for working with average bales.
  3. JENZ HE 700 StA – in order to find this one, you need to go to the shop and click on Objects tab. You can can station this machine at any location on your land; and even better is that the machine works continuously. And there is more to say about this device – the woodchips will be sold automatically. However, this great machine does not come cheap – it costs 100$ daily, so you will need to be careful with your expenses.

One more thing that you should know is that almost any trailer can be used to move wood chips.

Planting trees

Another great piece of machinery is Damcon PL-75 and you should look for it in Forestry machines. With the help of this tool, you get the possibility to plant trees on your field, however, before that you need to get special tree seedlings. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind: first of all – one stillage of trees has 20 seedlings, not more; second – the space between seedlings is approx. 5 meters; and third – in fact, you do not need to fertilize the trees.

Summary and profitability

We have to mention that the length of the bales matters a lot. When the bales are high, you have the possibility of receiving more money. For instance:

  1. Whole tree – 1200-1300$.
  2. 1 meter bales – 1800$;
  3. 2 meter bales – 2100$;
  4. 3 meter bales – 2500$,
  5. 4 meter bales – 3000$;
  6. 6 meter bales – 3350$,
  7. 8 meter bales – 3450$,
  8. Woodchips – approx. 1200$ – keep in mind that the market price of woodchips is unstable.

You need to clean trees before selling them. There are some important things to know:

  1. The most suitable option probably is Sampo Rosenlew and JENZ HE 700 StA.
  2. With your Harvester you have the possibility to carry the entire tree to the lumber mill.

What if you want to sell wood chips in farming simulator 21? This really is a good question. And now at last you’ve been given a good answer to the question how to sell wood chips in farming simulator 21.

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