Seasons 21 for Farming Simulator 21

Seasons 21 for Farming Simulator 21

Seasons 21 for Farming Simulator 21 are now available. If you would like your FS21 to be more exciting and closer to real life? If so, what you need to do is download and install the mod and see what happens. It was among the top FS17 mods (perhaps you recall that it was the winner of the Farming Simulator 17 mod competition?) The new version will definitely be appreciated by fans and may become one of the top Farming Simulator 21 mods ever.

Seasons 21 FAQ

What is Seasons 21?

Seasons 21 is a mod for Farming Simulator 21. It helps to make the game more life-like because it adds seasonal changes. Depending on the seasons, you need to adapt your routine works in the fields and your harvest also depends on what you do and how you manage your fieldwork.

How does the Season 21 mod work?

The mod imitates the annual cycle that a farmer’s life follows. It changes the in-game weather, adjusts crop prices, harvests, the behavior of domestic animals and vehicle maintenance needs. The mod’s objective is to give you the feeling of what it’s like to do farming in real life, where the weather is a major factor.

How much does Seasons 21 cost?

The mod costs nothing and all and is available for download at Giants Software’s official modhub.

Is it available on PS4 and Xbox One?

Right now the mod can only be used if you have a PC or Mac. However, the developers are collaborating with Giants in order to make this great mod available on consoles as well.

Who has made the Seasons mod?

It was developed by a team of five members called Realismus Modding. The initial version of the mod was already very good, in fact, it was awarded the first prize at the Farming Simulator 17 mod contest.

Seasons 21 was made by Realismus Modding. The team consists of five guys: Jos (Rahkiin), Per (reallogger), Sebastian (theSeb), Stijn (Wopster), and Per (mrbear.) The were the winners of the FS17 mod contest thanks to their great creation Seasons 17.

What about trying Seasons 21 yourself? This is an introduction that will help you to begin smoothly.

Mod Conflicts

The Seasons mod goes right into the Farming Simulator game engine. If there are already other mods that have similar functions in the game, there may be a clash. This is why we recommend taking a close look at your mods folder before putting Seasons into gear.

It’s best if you can get rid of the mods that perform one or more of the following functions:

  • Control growth.
  • Adjust the weather.
  • Adjust animal status or behavior.
  • Change the game’s economy in any way.

When this kind of mods is no longer in your mods folder, you can go ahead with your Seasons game. Another option is to create a new mods folder:

Right-click on the mods folder that you have and push F2.

Change the name of the folder to, e.g., “ModsPause” or any other name that you find suitable-sounding.

Make a new folder and call it “mods” (please check that the spelling is right and ensure that the letters are lower case.)

Copy the Seasons mod, your maps, and other mods that you will be using, and paste it all into the new folder.

Think Transitions

In order to understand how Seasons 21 works, think in transitions. Each season transits three times.

In fact, you can see those transitions in the mod’s menu HUD (Alt + S – L1 + Options on consoles.). It makes sense – as there are four seasons, you have 12 transitions all in all. And this is where your harvest grows – between the 12.

Season Length

So, you have four seasons, and there is no way to change it. However, you can modify the duration of every season should be. For that, simply open the Seasons menu by pushing Alt + S (L1 + Options on consoles.) Now you can decide and set a season’s length to any time period – from 3 to 24 in-game days.

So, if you say that you want your season to last only 3 days, every day you will have one transition. And one year in this particular example will last only 12 days.

A season can last the maximum of 24 days, In this case, every transition will take place every 8 days. A year will last for 96 in-game days.

This table is meant to assist  you in figuring out the available season lengths:

Protips: Check the season length right after you begin a new game. When we tried the mod, the default season length was 6 days. Choose the lenght you want length first thing before you begin.

Start a new Game

Seasons 21 makes the game to start in spring every time, it also resets all fields. This feature cannot be changed. The mod can be used with most of maps, even if they haven’t been updated yet. However, you’ll most likely see that the snow in winter doesn’t look that good if maps are not ready. It is a good idea to prepare maps edited for the approaching wintertime.

These are examples of maps with proper snow masks:

  • The Great Stump.
  • Südhemmern.
  • County Line.
  • Rustic Acres.
  • The Old Farm Countryside.

(There is also a list of some more Seasons 21 ready maps too – Click here. However, we haven’t yet tried any of the maps on this list…)

Spring Comes First

So, your game begins in spring, with all fields fresh, with no remaining crops left. Naturally, you will have to start your year with plowing, cultivating the land and sowing seeds. This is also the time of the year when you spray herbicides.

Then there are some pretty standard tasks that you will need to complete later on in the year:

SummerSpraying, first harvesting, mowing, drying, and baling.

Fall / AutumnMost of harvesting, plowing, fertilizing, sowing (winter crops), and spraying.

WinterFeeding the farm animals and machinery maintenance.

Protips: A lot of FS17 players use the winter period for forestry work, just as people do in real life, most of all in the northern hemisphere

What are GEO Mods?

There were already a few of the GEO mods available for FS17, and now you can have even more of them.

Most activities in Seasons 21 depend a lot on the weather conditions. Naturally, the game’s creators have worked a lot in order to make the weather in the game come close to the real-life conditions and give you a realistic impression. But the weather in different parts of the world differs at any given time, this is obvious, right?. This is why the GEO mods help to make the game more realistic.

GEO, meaning geographical, mods modify the weather, adjusting it to the real climatic conditions of various places on the planet. Moreover, the mod can change the length of the day, the effect winter has on the harvest, the way crops grow. Seasons 17 had GEO mods for the US Midwest, Northern Sweden, and South Australia, and several more regions.

At the beginning, in Seasons 21 without GEO mods, you get the climate that resembles the climate in the south of the United Kingdom.

Here is the list of the few official GEO mods that every player can download and use thanks to Realismus Modding:

  • Snowy Lands.
  • US Midwest.
  • Wales.

Be careful with Fast Forward

You may think it’s a good idea to fast forward the time when you play Seasons 21. You may even feel like you could use the mod to speed up the time and make it fly super-fast.

Protip: Go easy with fast-forwarding the time. Realismus Modding says it is safernot to make time move faster than 6,000 x in singleplayer, or 1,200 x in multiplayer. If you go slow, you are more in control.

Guides, Tips and Tricks

Right, so now we’ve discussed the most basic stuff that all those who are trying Seasons 21 in Farming Simulator 21 should know. Now you are ready to put your knowledge into practice and test this fantastic mod. And you can take a look at some more Seasons 21 guides.

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