Top 10+ Recommended Farming Simulator 21 Mods

Top 10+ Recommended Farming Simulator 21 Mods

Recommended FS21 starter mods

Every player has his individual style. However, there are almost universally applicable mods that will provide a better Farming Simulator 21 experience for most. Are you just starting with FS21? We’ve made a list of suggested mods that we think will be useful for you in making the most of the game.

  1. Courseplay

This is fantastic in terms of efficiency. With Courseplay you will be able to automate most of your routine farming tasks, such as plowing, seed sowing, gathering fruits/crops, or selling your products at the selling points. Some of you may wonder what exactly can Courseplay accomplish. In fact, it is so multifunctional and efficient, that you may instead ask what it can’t do for you.

The FS21 version is still in Beta. Here you can find the information regarding the download process so that you can make use of the latest version. And the next step for you would be watching some tutorials on YouTube so that you learn to use it. By the way, just so that you know – most of FS17 Courseplay tutorials are valid for the  FS21 version as well.

  1. Follow Me

The Follow Me mod by Decker_MMIV helps you with saving time. Thanks to this mod you can have one or more than one vehicles moving behind your own. It’s useful if you need to move a lot of machinery from one point to another. Alternatively, it can be used for harvesting as well as to do fieldwork faster, let’s say, by deciding to run more machinery in your field.

Using it is very smooth and simple. You are totally in control with your vehicle moving first. You pick the vehicles that will follow you automatically. You also set distances between those vehicles. You have the possibility to offset the vehicles behind you as well. If you are interested, you can acquire this mod is available in the in-game modhub. More information is available here.

  1. Guidance Steering (GPS)

This is very much like a real-life GPS steering system in Farming Simulator 21. Created by the gifted Wopster, it enables players to do very precise field work in FS21. What is important here is to set A and B points. Once you’ve done that, the script will create super-precise courses for you.

Right now this script is in beta. Some functions still need to be installed. This is what you need to do to install and use this great mod.

  1. Vehicle Inspector

It is just a matter of time before you start using AI workers in Farming Simulator 21. There will be times when you’ll find yourself on one part of the map and your digital helpers will be laboring elsewhere. Naturally, you’d like to be able to see how they’re progressing without traveling to the location? This is why you need the Vehicle Inspector mod. It allows you to see the activity and status of the vehicles that have their engines on. In addition, it notifies you when something goes wrong. Here you can learn more about the mod.

  1. Enhanced Vehicle

Is it possible to have even realism in Farming Simulator 21? Yes, if you decide to use the Enhanced Vehicle script that adds a lot of good stuff to your vehicles. Here is what you can get with the mod:

Shuttle mode = Use your hands to toggle driving directions.

A possibility to change from  4-wheel drive, front-wheel drive or rear wheel drive, with a differential lock.

Hydraulics control – this way you can engage the front and the rear hydraulics separately.

Curious to learn more? Check out this page that offers instructions and download options.

  1. QuickCamera

A very convenient mod, particularly for those who play Farming Simulator 21 with a steering wheel or the keyboard. It allows you to do quick peeks left, right, or behind you. It offers an extra camera for AI worker’s vehicles, and you can see the machinery from some really fun angles. You can download this mod from the in-game modhub. Check out here if you want more information.

  1. Display for Tool Position

When you use machinery like wheel loaders, telehandlers, etc., you lose sight of underground parts, like buckets. There’s no possibility for you to see the location and position of the bucket or the fork. This very useful mod lets you see how far high above the ground a certain tool is and shows you its angle. It’s a very helpful mod for those who love loaders. You can download the mod through the in-game modhub. More information is available here.

  1. Disable Vehicle Camera Collision

Very often the in-game camera sort of  “crashes” into buildings or other large objects, which makes the view inconsistent, sometimes rendering poor quality. This mod overrides the collision detection, which results in a smoother and much more pleasant viewing experience. You can get the mod on the in-game modhub and learn more details about it here.

  1. Government Subsidy

How can you get more money in FS21? Your options are a) ask a loan at the bank or else b) apply for the government subsidy (this is a universal practice all over the world…). Just take a few simple steps and the money will start coming in… Get this mod at the in-game Modhub.

  1. Production Mods

Thanks to Production mods Farming Simulator 21 gets even more thrilling. Just imagine – you get the possibility to make most of the goods that you often purchase, e.g.,  seeds, fertilizers, and lime. This saves you money because you can produce a lot of the stuff you need.

This is a list of some really good production mods that you should check out:

Liquid fertilizer production.

Diesel and pig food production.

Seeds production. Solid fertilizer production.

Moreover, there is a fermenting silo plant and an industrial grass dryer as well, doesn’t it sound just great?

  1. Place Anywhere

The ‘Build your farm’ feature of Farming Simulator 21 looks very attractive. However, you may get annoyed when you cannot place objects precisely where you want them to be. Majority of in-game objects have so-called collisions. To the game engine, they appear to be rock-solid walls that make it impossible to get in when the door is  closed. Driving through walls is out of the question as well.

Those collisions maybe become a real nuisance when you are trying to place two objects close together. The Place Anywhere mod is great because it helps you deal with such limitations. Thanks to this the mod you are able to put down your stuff almost in any place you like… Click here if you wish to learn more and then download the mod. (Usually, tinkering with in-game collisions may be tricky. But we have not had any problems whatsoever, and we have been enjoying the mod for a few months already.)

Bonus mods: Manual Cutting and Measure Help

If forestry is what you like, there a couple of mods that you will find useful. The first mod is called Manual Cutting for Harvesters and it stops the automatic log cutting in forest harvesters, in this way it is similar to the Ponsse and the Komatsu. Harvesters will not cut logs until you give the command. This way you are able to control where the log pile will be placed. (Read more.)

The second one, the Measure Help mod, allows more precision when you cut logs by hand, or with a chainsaw. There is no need for you to guess the length of every log, instead, you can get a precise measurement with the help of the mod. You can read more here.


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